Internet Business UNstuck

Hypnotically speaking, the title of this site and blog are not good. In fact they may be horrible… If you are familiar with some of the concepts of the unconscious mind, and hypnosis, you’ll know that the mind tend to filter the “UN, as it does “not”, “don’t”, etc.. But after finding a course on becoming UNstuck, I strongly gravitated to the word, so here we are.

Maybe you can relate to what I once was, stuck buying tons of “stuff” that I expected to magically help me succeed online.

It won’t. Only you can help yourself succeed.

Arm yourself with knowledge as you need it, don’t just buy everything in sight and stockpile that information. Sure, there are a million offers of the latest greatest thing, but are they needed in your business right now? 95% of the time, the answer is NO.

Here’s a simple example from the off-line world.

Let’s say you have just started a coffee shop in you community. You’ve done your homework on location, customer research, suppliers, and finances. You know where you are heading, and what it will take to get there, both financially, and time wise.

As you’re preparing for your grand opening, a salesperson comes by and offers an incredible deal you are having a hard time refusing. Even though you’ve not yet opened your doors, or sold your first cup of coffee yet. He’s got a special deal, where you can get $10,000 worth of DVD’s for just $750, and he’ll throw in a dvd player, and lcd tv so you can show a demo of the dvd’s.

Finances are tight, but you figure maybe this is a perfect auxiliary product that you can offer people, and make a tidy profit on, above and beyond the coffee sales. So you take the deal, since it’s never going to be offered again at this price.

A day later, another salesperson comes by and makes you an incredible offer, even better than the dvd’s, where he’ll give a $25,000 photo booth that people can take pictures of themselves in. You know, the kind that they have at amusement parks. It’s huge, but it sure can take some great photos. 4 of them, in fact, on a little strip of paper. This time the price is $1250, but they’ll throw in the first 6 months of paper and ink for free.

It’s a huge machine, and you’ll have to make some serious adjustments to your store layout, especially since you’ll need more room for the dvd player and tv, but it’s such a great deal, you just can’t refuse!

The next day another salesperson comes in, and…the story continues…

All the while, these new purchases have nothing to do with his plan, nor do they make any sense for his business at this point. Yet, this is what so many people who are looking to start an online business do.

They buy the latest over-hyped product that will make traffic conversion so easy a 5 year old can do it.

Next week there’s a can’t miss MLM (network marketing) program that the guru swears is not the same old thing, and has already made him millions, and even if you can’t catch his millions, several hundred thousand dollars a year isn’t bad!

Don’t forget adsense, article marketing, Squidoo, Craigslist, eBay, Membership Sites, etc…

…step back for a moment…

First, you need to know what you want and devise a plan to get there.

Second, you need to follow that plan without deviation, until you either:

  • Succeed, and build upon your success
  • or, “fail” and devise a new plan–the faster the better!

This site is all about finding the resources to move you in the direction of success, break through the habits that are holding you back, and keep you focused on your goals.

I would suggest everyone start with the Right Action Manifests report which will help to lay the groundwork for what follows.

You success is my mission, and I look forward to hearing from you!