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Viral Marketing Kick in the Tights

One of the best examples of Viral Marketing this season has to be here: Me Elf in Green Tights

First go there, let the idea sink in, and visit the man who I learned this from.

So, beyond the viral factor, and this promotion specifically, what’s the lesson here?

It’s simple really. When an opportunity presents itself, you simply Must Take Action. I saw the idea, the application, and created my own link to pass around. There was no time to prep a big campaign, or clean the pictures up, or even think up better things to say. I can go back an redo it in the next day or two.

Taking the right action doesn’t always mean you have to do it right in the first go-round. In fact it’s virtually impossible to get things right the first (or second, or third…) time out. What’s important is that you are going in the Right Direction.

What direction will you go Right Now?