Little Things Add Up, Success Will Follow!



It’s likely that you want it Now!

Success. Lots of money, time and mostly freedom. All NOW!

Well, the bad news is that it’s probably not going to happen overnight, or in the next week while you attract what you think about.

The great news is that that as soon as you are able to put the right mindset into place, and take action on your goals and desires, you will achieve your own version of success. At first, it will come in stages, and a little bit at a time. With some success, momentum will build and feedback from this will dramatically speed your progress.

Do you want an example from the real world?

There are millions of them. The first that comes to mind is a chick breaking through the egg. He will keep pecking at the egg shell regardless of obvious progress. For hours, he’ll peck, peck, peck away at that impenetrable shell. Eventually he’ll break through the shell, and as he does, it becomes easier and easier to create a large enough hole to become free.

There’s an added component to this example. One that is as important a concept as that of taking small steps that add up to large progress.

I’ve read that when a chick is helped out of the egg (possibly by something or someone well-meaning), the chick will frequently be weaker, and less healthy that those that go through the process of breaking out on their own. It seems that taking the steps, and doing the work is a very important part of the growth and positive development of the chicks.

It seems to me that Internet Business Success may require a similar growth period. One where (many) small steps lead to big gains. Looking for an external source to do it for you will likely lead to stunted growth, and delay in your ultimate success. The key is to find the right source of information and guidance to help you along your course, allowing you to grow and build momentum on your own!

A great place to start is to get the report Wrong Action Kills,Right Action Manifests Online Income, which gives a great overview of how to start doing the right thing, and gets you to think about what you want, and how you intend to get there.

Follow along on this blog, and on my personal one at, for ideas, hints and techniques to speed the process up. Just because you much go through the steps, doesn’t mean you can’t speed up the process!

I look forward to hearing about your small and large steps.