Surefire Way to Kickstart Massive Progress Towards Living Your Dreams

The only surefire way to make progress, and succeed is to DO SOMETHING. Of course there are things that will help move you forward, and things which will have a negative effect.Actions that will get you moving int he right direction include things like Goal Setting, Writing, Setting Up and improving your Website, Product Creation, Promotion, etc..

Actions that will often drag you down, and keep you from moving forward include: Web Surfing without a specifically defined (and progressive) Goal, Too Much Television, Buying Products that don’t fit your plans/goals, etc..

At first, it may be hard to tell which side your actions fall on. The real key is to become AWARE of what you are doing. With practice, it’s pretty simple. Just know that you’ve had many (too many) years of self programming which may get in the way.

You’re probably wondering just how to undo some of the self-defeating past, and become more aware. One way is to constantly remind yourself to pay attention to your actions by putting notes in places where you would see them during your “routine actions”… On your computer monitor, by your tv, in your car, in/on your refrigerator, etc..

My notes read “Is this the best use of my time right now?” Your’s might say “Do I really want to be doing *this* right now?”, or maybe even guilt yourself into the right action by saying something like “Way to go, you’re doing great!” I personally don’t think that any one statement is going to be right for everyone. The main point is that whatever your note says, that it prompts you to notice what you are doing at that moment, and thus allows you to make a new choice–should you be need to.


Right now, before you surf to the next great website, do yourself a tiny little favor and write your quick note, and put it on your monitor (post-it’s are great for this). Consider what you are doing, and how it serves you. Then do what you already know is in your own best interest!

I’d love to hear what actions you are going to take. Just leave a comment below.