Get Beyond Unstuck to Translate Ideas Into Profits

Finally the Truth: Why Some Become Wildly Successful While Others Struggle Just to Earn Their First Dollar Online

Let me tell you a true story….

It’s about a man who was $60,000 in debt. He was scared to lose everything in his life including the family he loves. He was depressed (wouldn’t you be if you were that much in debt with no way visible of getting out?)

For 15 years he slaved over a job that bored him to tears… desperate to find a way to ‘break-out’, change his life and live life on HIS terms instead of everyone else’s.

Like a dead man walking, nothing excited him… moved him… or motivated him.

He was coming home tired every night, stressed out and full of anger- mostly at himself for being so “helpless”.

Then, something turned him around…

It shook him up and slowly an almost magical power started to build from deep inside.

He woke up one day and decided that he had completely had it being ‘poor’… not having money, not having any fun, not having any freedom…

After all, it seemed like everyone was successful on the Internet EXCEPT him. He felt helpless.

Of course, he wasn’t helpless, no-one really is, but he really FELT that way. The answers he searched for seemed to be hidden.

He prayed… nothing.

He asked for advice… nothing.

He studied more, bought more, and worked more… still nothing.

Tragically, many people are now as stuck or worse off than he was.

So what finally smashed down the barriors holding him back?

…read the rest, and Get Beyond Unstuck!

What Do You Really Want?

It’s very common to think you know what you want, but not really have a clue.

You probably think you want lots of money. But what you really want is what that money will help bring you. Things like…

  • Fancy new car
  • Extravagant house in a nice neighborhood
  • The ability to vacation frequently
  • The latest media center with the biggest TV, best stereo and the latest computer connections
  • A computer that would impress even the biggest computer nerd

Seems pretty clear cut, huh? But, there’s a big problem with this list. It’s not the real list! These aren’t really your desires. They are steps that may help you realize your desires, but they aren’t the actual desires.

What you really want is what these things personally bring you. So, you need to ask a question like: What will this bring me? You need to ask this for each and every thing you have on your list. You can even ask this again and again until you’ve really hit the core of what you want.

After repeating this process it’s common to find that you actually have a good portion of what you really want already, and the other things could be had by doing something you hadn’t originally thought of. You might also find a common theme that can be taken care of by focusing on one direction, instead of scattering yourself all over the place.

You might find that downsizing is a much better choice than that new house. The house, car and other possessions might stand in the way of relatively easy travel and exploration (that fulfill a much larger part of your dreams). Whatever the question above leads to for you, it’s almost certain that you will learn something useful and new.

You might even find that money is not the real problem. It could simply be a problem of asset allocation, or put simply: where you put the money you already have!

Often a new way of looking at things, or thinking about things can have benefits that you would never have expected if you hadn’t gone through the process. Don’t just read and intellectualize this simple exercise, actually DO IT! Pretend you haven’t heard it before, and just follow through!

Lack of action is the greatest hindrance of success there is. Even a poor action can lead to the right action over time, but no action will just lead to nothing, period.
So, take action and do this exercise. Write your desires down. Then go through them one by one and write down what they will bring you. Keep doing this until you really know what you want, then look for ways to get to these real core desires.

You have nothing to loose by doing this. I’m certain you will learn something even if you have already done something like this before. We all change our minds, and even a month or two may bring new elements into your results. Besides, it can be fun and liberating!

New Look. More to Come.

Tim Gary New Look Well it’s time for a change, and you’re looking at it. This theme struck me as a great blend of usability and visual appeal. While I miss some elements of the prior look, in time I will put more of my personality into this one.

Future updates will include a new version of The Unstuck Seminar by David Valieres, both online and on DVD. With a bonus or two that you’ll be sure to like. Sign up for the Email Unstuck Course, to be sure of getting updates.

You Can “chunk” Both Directions – Big to Small AND Small to BIG

One thing I find useful is to try and see things in as many ways as possible. Lot’s of gray. Sometimes this is problematic, as it is when all the choices block or distract action. Other times it can lead to new ways of seeing things which can help motivate and encourage action.

Here’s what I mean…

Let’s say you have a large task. It is so massive and huge that you just don’t know how you’ll get it done. Month after month, it just sits there stressing you out, and you don’t take action because it’s too huge a project. The most common, and useful way to get yourself into gear and take action is to “chunk” things down into bite sized pieces. Small steps that add up to massive results.

There are countless analogies for this process… From eating elephants to building houses. All require a step-by-step small bit-at-a-time process. Easy to do, easy to manage “chunks”.

Here’s where it gets interesting to me…

When viewed at a distance over time, you will accomplish great things if you keep the bit-by-bit process up. Each small step is a necessary step towards the larger result. You’ll eventually build all the great things you have in mind.

The same thing can be done in reverse. For example, profits.

That $5 a day, or even $1 a day, add up to huge results when you chuck them up to larger time periods. $1 a day is $365 per year.

What could you do with that much extra income every year? What if it was a little more: $5 a day is over $150 per month, and $1825 per year.

If you still think it sounds too small, chuck it up again. 3 years, 5 years, 10…

Or consider the fact that you may be able to work just once for the ongoing residual income described above. If you put in 15 hours of research, site-building, content generation, and marketing, and then were able to sit back year after year reaping the income for that one time labor, do you think it could begin to change your life?

Do this over and over, building multiple streams of income, and you will find yourself live the lifestyle you desire.

By far the best practical steps to starting and fulfilling this process can be found in a report called 5 Bucks a Day, it’s not free, but it’s a very worthwhile read. The Earn 1k a Day membership site is run by the author, and is another great resource. In fact, I’d skip ahead to the Earn1k a Day site and sign-up there, since the report is included with membership–and membership for one month is less than the cost of the report itself!

You really can’t go wrong. There’s a 8 week money back guarantee, and in that time you will find all the resources you need to begin making a living online.

Just do it. Take an action towards success. Either join the Earn 1k a Day membership site, or invest in the 1 Bucks a Day book. If you join the membership site, and send me a private message from within the forum telling me you joined through the link above, I’ll hook you up with David Vallieres’ Unstuck Seminar for free.

I’ll see you there soon!

Forums… Good and Bad… Check out the good!

There’s a lot to be said for and against online marketing forums. Some would say that they are a total waste of time, others integrate them into their own marketing plan.

So, which is it?

I’d say… A little of both!

But I’d first like to make a distinction between free forums, and public free-for-all forums. One provides a nurturing, and growth-oriented environment where like-minded individuals can help each other succeed. The other often ends up frustrating, and alienating those new to online business.

These two membership sites, and their forums have done more for my growth online than all of the free services I’ve found:

I’ll be telling you a little more about them in the near future. For now, checkout what they have to offer, and sign up if you want to make significant progress in the coming months.

For a limited time only–if you sign up using one of the links above, submit a comment to this post with a copy of your reciept, and I will also give you free access to The Unstuck Course which is currently being sold here for $67. The comment will *not* be made public, and will be for my reference only.

Stop putting things off. Find out what the internet business insiders are doing. Join in. Ask Questions. Practice putting yourself out there in a safe environment. Find that social outlet that’s lacking in your home office. Etc..

Those sites again:

Earn 1K a Day

The Rich-(anti)-Jerks

Don’t just take my word for it, just read what others have to say on the sign up pages.

To your success,


Surefire Way to Kickstart Massive Progress Towards Living Your Dreams

The only surefire way to make progress, and succeed is to DO SOMETHING. Of course there are things that will help move you forward, and things which will have a negative effect.Actions that will get you moving int he right direction include things like Goal Setting, Writing, Setting Up and improving your Website, Product Creation, Promotion, etc..

Actions that will often drag you down, and keep you from moving forward include: Web Surfing without a specifically defined (and progressive) Goal, Too Much Television, Buying Products that don’t fit your plans/goals, etc..

At first, it may be hard to tell which side your actions fall on. The real key is to become AWARE of what you are doing. With practice, it’s pretty simple. Just know that you’ve had many (too many) years of self programming which may get in the way.

You’re probably wondering just how to undo some of the self-defeating past, and become more aware. One way is to constantly remind yourself to pay attention to your actions by putting notes in places where you would see them during your “routine actions”… On your computer monitor, by your tv, in your car, in/on your refrigerator, etc..

My notes read “Is this the best use of my time right now?” Your’s might say “Do I really want to be doing *this* right now?”, or maybe even guilt yourself into the right action by saying something like “Way to go, you’re doing great!” I personally don’t think that any one statement is going to be right for everyone. The main point is that whatever your note says, that it prompts you to notice what you are doing at that moment, and thus allows you to make a new choice–should you be need to.


Right now, before you surf to the next great website, do yourself a tiny little favor and write your quick note, and put it on your monitor (post-it’s are great for this). Consider what you are doing, and how it serves you. Then do what you already know is in your own best interest!

I’d love to hear what actions you are going to take. Just leave a comment below.


Viral Marketing Kick in the Tights

One of the best examples of Viral Marketing this season has to be here: Me Elf in Green Tights

First go there, let the idea sink in, and visit the man who I learned this from.

So, beyond the viral factor, and this promotion specifically, what’s the lesson here?

It’s simple really. When an opportunity presents itself, you simply Must Take Action. I saw the idea, the application, and created my own link to pass around. There was no time to prep a big campaign, or clean the pictures up, or even think up better things to say. I can go back an redo it in the next day or two.

Taking the right action doesn’t always mean you have to do it right in the first go-round. In fact it’s virtually impossible to get things right the first (or second, or third…) time out. What’s important is that you are going in the Right Direction.

What direction will you go Right Now?

The UNstuck Mini-Course is Available Now

Stop buying all the techniques and tactics.

Techniques and Tactics are Great. BUT, if you aren’t ready for them, and keep buying into the promise of instant riches, you will just be wasting your time and money.

Don’t believe me? Fine. Just don’t blame me when you FINALLY realize it for yourself. Maybe after you’ve spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on tactic after tactic. Some that won’t last more than a few short months before Google, or the masses of other buyers, make it ineffective. So ineffective, you could loose out twice. Once on your purchase, and again in whatever costs are involved attempting to make use of the information.

I’ve been there. I’ve struggled with this myself. But I’ve learned a lot, which I will gladly share with you.

To start with, checkout the free email mini-course on becoming Unstuck in your online (and off line) pursuits. Just fill in your name and email address below:

I want to leave you with an unedited quote from someone who’s attended the full online audio and video Unstuck Course:

“This course opened my eyes to see that running a business takes careful planning and focus Not only did I learn how getting what I want can lead to my success, but I learned the exact steps I needed to take to get there.

The Unstuck Course has information that I haven’t found anywhere else. If you’ve bought ebook after ebook, and still haven’t gotten your business up and running, The Unstuck Course can get you out of that rut.

Stop downloading ebooks and get yourself Unstuck instead.
This is the most motivational course I’ve ever seen. And it is one of the few that can actually help you become successful. There is no hype here, just pure information coming from an honest guy.”

Jenn Dize
Maryland, USA

(Oh, and if you are looking to hire a writer, contact her now, before she works exclusively on her own projects.)

Finally, if you haven’t already downloaded my free report, get it now: “Wrong Action Kills, Right Action Manifests Online Income”

Little Things Add Up, Success Will Follow!



It’s likely that you want it Now!

Success. Lots of money, time and mostly freedom. All NOW!

Well, the bad news is that it’s probably not going to happen overnight, or in the next week while you attract what you think about.

The great news is that that as soon as you are able to put the right mindset into place, and take action on your goals and desires, you will achieve your own version of success. At first, it will come in stages, and a little bit at a time. With some success, momentum will build and feedback from this will dramatically speed your progress.

Do you want an example from the real world?

There are millions of them. The first that comes to mind is a chick breaking through the egg. He will keep pecking at the egg shell regardless of obvious progress. For hours, he’ll peck, peck, peck away at that impenetrable shell. Eventually he’ll break through the shell, and as he does, it becomes easier and easier to create a large enough hole to become free.

There’s an added component to this example. One that is as important a concept as that of taking small steps that add up to large progress.

I’ve read that when a chick is helped out of the egg (possibly by something or someone well-meaning), the chick will frequently be weaker, and less healthy that those that go through the process of breaking out on their own. It seems that taking the steps, and doing the work is a very important part of the growth and positive development of the chicks.

It seems to me that Internet Business Success may require a similar growth period. One where (many) small steps lead to big gains. Looking for an external source to do it for you will likely lead to stunted growth, and delay in your ultimate success. The key is to find the right source of information and guidance to help you along your course, allowing you to grow and build momentum on your own!

A great place to start is to get the report Wrong Action Kills,Right Action Manifests Online Income, which gives a great overview of how to start doing the right thing, and gets you to think about what you want, and how you intend to get there.

Follow along on this blog, and on my personal one at, for ideas, hints and techniques to speed the process up. Just because you much go through the steps, doesn’t mean you can’t speed up the process!

I look forward to hearing about your small and large steps.


Internet Business UNstuck

Hypnotically speaking, the title of this site and blog are not good. In fact they may be horrible… If you are familiar with some of the concepts of the unconscious mind, and hypnosis, you’ll know that the mind tend to filter the “UN, as it does “not”, “don’t”, etc.. But after finding a course on becoming UNstuck, I strongly gravitated to the word, so here we are.

Maybe you can relate to what I once was, stuck buying tons of “stuff” that I expected to magically help me succeed online.

It won’t. Only you can help yourself succeed.

Arm yourself with knowledge as you need it, don’t just buy everything in sight and stockpile that information. Sure, there are a million offers of the latest greatest thing, but are they needed in your business right now? 95% of the time, the answer is NO.

Here’s a simple example from the off-line world.

Let’s say you have just started a coffee shop in you community. You’ve done your homework on location, customer research, suppliers, and finances. You know where you are heading, and what it will take to get there, both financially, and time wise.

As you’re preparing for your grand opening, a salesperson comes by and offers an incredible deal you are having a hard time refusing. Even though you’ve not yet opened your doors, or sold your first cup of coffee yet. He’s got a special deal, where you can get $10,000 worth of DVD’s for just $750, and he’ll throw in a dvd player, and lcd tv so you can show a demo of the dvd’s.

Finances are tight, but you figure maybe this is a perfect auxiliary product that you can offer people, and make a tidy profit on, above and beyond the coffee sales. So you take the deal, since it’s never going to be offered again at this price.

A day later, another salesperson comes by and makes you an incredible offer, even better than the dvd’s, where he’ll give a $25,000 photo booth that people can take pictures of themselves in. You know, the kind that they have at amusement parks. It’s huge, but it sure can take some great photos. 4 of them, in fact, on a little strip of paper. This time the price is $1250, but they’ll throw in the first 6 months of paper and ink for free.

It’s a huge machine, and you’ll have to make some serious adjustments to your store layout, especially since you’ll need more room for the dvd player and tv, but it’s such a great deal, you just can’t refuse!

The next day another salesperson comes in, and…the story continues…

All the while, these new purchases have nothing to do with his plan, nor do they make any sense for his business at this point. Yet, this is what so many people who are looking to start an online business do.

They buy the latest over-hyped product that will make traffic conversion so easy a 5 year old can do it.

Next week there’s a can’t miss MLM (network marketing) program that the guru swears is not the same old thing, and has already made him millions, and even if you can’t catch his millions, several hundred thousand dollars a year isn’t bad!

Don’t forget adsense, article marketing, Squidoo, Craigslist, eBay, Membership Sites, etc…

…step back for a moment…

First, you need to know what you want and devise a plan to get there.

Second, you need to follow that plan without deviation, until you either:

  • Succeed, and build upon your success
  • or, “fail” and devise a new plan–the faster the better!

This site is all about finding the resources to move you in the direction of success, break through the habits that are holding you back, and keep you focused on your goals.

I would suggest everyone start with the Right Action Manifests report which will help to lay the groundwork for what follows.

You success is my mission, and I look forward to hearing from you!